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Moving Assistance Services

Once an aquarium is installed and established, it can be a very difficult and complicated process to move it.  Palm Aquarium Services offers a variety of options to assist you if your system needs to be moved for any reason.  Whether you are moving to a new home or office, changing the location of a tank within your home, or swapping out an existing tank with a replacement or upgraded tank, we can help you with your project.  Below, we will detail some of the various ways that we can assist you in your move.

Moving Your Tank to a New Location

Moving to a new home or office can be stressful enough without worrying about your beloved fish and sea life.  Moving an established aquarium can be almost as complicated as moving the rest of your belongings combined.  Water needs to be drained, livestock needs to be safely moved and transported, equipment and plumbing needs to be disassembled, and it all needs to be put back together again at the new location.  Larger tanks are even more complicated, sometimes requiring several people or even specialized equipment in order to move them safely.  Both the tank and the animals are delicate and so the utmost care must be taken when moving them.


Palm Aquarium Services can provide all the assistance necessary to ensure that moving your aquarium is as smooth a process as possible for both you and your fish.  Since each move is unique, we will work with you to carefully plan every step of the process.  We work with our customers to determine the most efficient and safe way to house and transport their livestock during the process, and to determine the necessary personnel and equipment to transport the tank, hardware, and livestock to the new location.


Time is of the essence when relocating a tank with livestock, because fish and other marine creatures are easily stressed and can have difficulty acclimating to changing conditions.  Therefore we put particular emphasis on ensuring that moving your tank is as efficient as possible, minimizing the time that the livestock are out of the main tank and undergoing stressful transportation and changing water conditions.


Naturally, moving an existing tank within the same building is much easier and faster than moving to a new location, and we can assist with these moves as well.  We follow a similar process to our new tank consultation ahead of time, to help you to determine the best place to put the tank before the project starts, and we can assist you throughout the entire process of the move.


Being a local company, we specialize in local or regional moves, in which the customer's new location is within southeastern Pennsylvania or the surrounding areas.  If a longer-distance move is planned, please contact us to discuss how we can help you with your project.

Switching Tanks & Transferring Livestock

There are several reasons that you may need to switch tanks for your aquarium.  Perhaps you would like to upgrade to a larger or newer tank.  Or maybe you are moving to a new location but already have a new tank set up and ready for your existing livestock.  Whatever the reason, we can help you with these processes as well.


Switching to a new tank is often much easier than transporting an existing tank, and carries a much lower risk to livestock.  Given the right amount of time, a new tank in a new location can often be established, cycled, and properly matched to the water parameters of the old tank, making the transition for the livestock as smooth as possible.  Livestock doesn't need to spend unneccessary time in transport containers while the tank is moved and installed, and the acclimation process is much easier when the water can be matched to the old tank.  We take the utmost care in acclimating your fish and other creatures into their new tank, greatly reducing the risk of any losses.


If you are upgrading to a new tank or need to swap out your tank in the same location, we can assist in those projects as well.  Given enough space and time, we can often set up a temporary holding tank to ensure that your livestock are as comfortable as possible while we go through the installation process on your new tank.


Please note that any time livestock are transferred from one tank to another there are many risks involved.  At Palm Aquarium Services, we put our strongest emphasis on the care and well-being of your livestock, and we take every possible precaution to ensure that all your marine life is as safe and comfortable as possible during a move.  However, due to the sensitive nature of some creatures, it is still possible that some livestock may not survive the process of a complicated tank move and we cannot guarantee a 100% survival rate during these complex projects.  For our livestock policy and other information, please visit our policies page.

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