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Design and Installation Services

Owning an aquarium can be a rewarding and enjoyable hobby.  It can also be overwhelming to someone who has never owned one before.  There are countless options available for new tank owners.  Dozens of decisions need to be made and many details need to be taken into account when setting up your new tank.  Palm Aquarium Services can help you through every step, from concept and design to installation and setup.  We will ensure that your new tank is installed correctly and your new aquarium is hassle-free.  Below, we will explain what you can expect during the design and installation process.


When we work with new customers, the first step is always a consultation visit.  This first visit is free of charge, and it helps us to get an idea of what the customer wants.  During the consultation, we will meet with you at the location where the new aquarium will be installed.  We will then discuss all the details with you.


First and foremost, we will determine what type of aquarium you are interested in.  Most people divide aquariums into two categories, freshwater and saltwater.  That is a good start, but there are many sub-categories of each type.  We will gladly discuss the various types of aquariums and the pros and cons of each to help you to figure out the best one for you.  Once we know what type of aquarium you want, we can work with you to determine the best size, shape, and build for your new tank.


Once we know the details of your new tank, there are many things that need to be considered before it is installed.  The location of the tank is extremely important, and we will inspect the area to ensure that it is ideal for your aquarium.  There are several important factors to consider.  Aquariums can be very heavy and your floor must be able to support several hundred, or even several thousand pounds, depending on the size of your tank.  There should not be any direct sunlight hitting the tank at any point during the day, as this can cause algae problems.  There should be plenty of electrical outlets, preferrably with ground fault interrupter (GFI) circuits to prevent injury or damage if water contacts them.  Easy access to water supplies and/or drains is helpful, and there are many more details to consider.  Tanks can even be built into a wall, though this will greatly increase the amount of time and money required for the installation as subcontractors may need to be hired to handle the construction, and there are additional considerations that need to be made for these specialized tanks.


Once we have all the details and the location figured out, we can begin to design your tank.  We will use your information to determine the best equipment for your setup, keeping your budget and aesthetic preferences in mind.  Depending on the type of aquarium, we will pick out the decor for your tank, or design the rockwork and aquascaping for more natural-themed and reef tanks.  Once you approve the details that we have designed, we will order all the necessary equipment and prepare to install the aquarium.


Once we have all the necessary equipment, and any filtration and plumbing has been designed and assembled, we will be ready to install your new tank.  Depending on the size and type of aquarium, the installation process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.  During this time, we will move the tank and stand into place, hook up all filtration and equipment, and fill the tank with water.  The filtration will then be turned on to begin the process of cycling the tank.

Cycling and Livestock

Once your new aquarium is installed, it will still be some time before it is safe to add fish and other livestock.  This is a step commonly missed among new tank owners, but it is essential to the health of the tank.  A new tank is quite sterile, and this is actually a detriment to the quality of the water.  A new tank must build up a healthy level of beneficial bacteria that convert toxic ammonia into nitrites, and then those nitrites into less-harmful nitrates.  There are bacterial supplements that can help to accelerate this process, but it will still be a couple of weeks before fish can safely be added to the tank.  During the cycling process, ammonia and nitrite levels will spike, which is dangerous to any livestock.  Therefore it is best to wait until after the cycle is complete before adding your fish.  During that time, the water should be tested every couple of days to ensure that the cycling process is working, and to indicate when the water is safe for fish.


Once the nitrogen cycle is complete, your new livestock can finally be safely added to the tank!  We work with our customers to determine the best types of fish and livestock to inhabit their new aquarium, keeping size, aggression, and compatibility in mind.  If you so desire, we can pick out the new inhabitants for you, acclimate them, and add them to your tank.  Or if you prefer, we can simply provide you with our recommendations and you can choose your own fish from your local live fish store.  We can also provide you with instructions on the best ways to acclimate your new fish and other livestock before adding them to the tank.

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