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Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Routine cleanings are essential to the health of an aquarium, but they can be messy, time consuming, and overall unpleasant.  This is why Palm Aquarium Services offers a variety of cleaning options for our customers.  Whether you need a little preventative maintenance on your tank or a complete overhaul, we will customize our service packages to fit your needs.

Basic Services

Glass Cleaning - Arguably the most noticeable sign of a dirty tank is a buildup of algae and grime on the sides of the aquarium.  We carefully remove any algae buildup on the aquarium glass, taking care not to scratch the glass or acrylic in the process.  The exterior of the glass will be polished if necessary as well.  Afterwards, you will have a crystal-clear view of your tank's inhabitants.

Substrate/Decor Cleaning - Aquariums containing artificial decorations and gravel sometimes require that these items be cleaned in order to keep your tank looking beautiful.  In most cases, the decorations will be removed and cleaned of any algae and debris before being returned to the tank.  Gravel will be vacuumed and mixed to remove any waste and debris that have settled on the bottom.  Please note: this service does not always apply to reef tanks, which contain snails, hermit crabs, and other creatures whose specific purpose is to take care of these tasks.

Filter Maintenance - Filters and other equipment may be disassembled and cleaned if necessary.  Filter cartridges or media may be replaced, and intake/return lines will be cleaned.  For saltwater tanks, the protein skimmer will be emptied and cleaned, along with pumps, powerheads, and other equipment that may become damaged due to lack of care.

Basic Water Testing - Water samples will be taken from the tank and tested for for various chemicals and substances to determine the health of the water for the livestock.  Typically, water is tested for pH, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, and phosphates.  Saltwater tanks will also be tested for salinity, calcium and dkH buffer levels.  Additional trace element tests may be performed if requested by the customer, such as magnesium, iodine, and more.  Water may then be treated as necessary to correct any levels that are outside of the safe zone.

Water Changes - One of the most vital, yet often overlooked, aspects of aquarium ownership is the need to replace a portion of the water in your tank with new, clean water.  Naturally, fish and other livestock produce waste, much of which gets dissolved into the tank water.  Over time, this waste breaks down and creates ammonia, nitrates, phosphates, and other toxic chemicals which can harm the tank inhabitants.  The best way to remove these and other harmful chemicals is to simply replace the dirty water with clean water.  We typically change out 10%-25% of the water in a tank each visit, depending on the water conditions and other factors.  If your aquarium has cloudy or yellow water, you should notice a distinct improvement after just one water change.  Any time tap water is used, it is thoroughly treated with conditioner to remove chlorine and other harmful substances.  For saltwater tanks, only distilled or reverse-osmosis purified water will be used, to which an aquarium salt mixture is added to achieve the desired salinity.


General services - In addition to the services detailed above, we will ensure that your tank looks as good as possible during one of our visits.  The exterior of the tank and stand may be wiped down and dried to avoid water spots, and towels will be placed on the floor and furniture surrounding the tank to prevent damage from the inevitable drips that occur when cleaning a tank.  If requested, any waste water from a freshwater aquarium may be used to water flowers and gardens, as the dissolved fish waste provides an excellent fertilizer.  We will do our best to accommodate any requests from our customers to ensure that you are comfortable having us visit your home or office.

Specialized Services

In addition to the basic services detailed above, some aquariums will require more specialized care in order to thrive.  We offer a completely customizable range of maintenance services, but some of the more popular specialized services are outlined below.


  • Planted Tank Care - Some freshwater aquariums can be set up to grow lush plant life in addition to fish and other animals.  These tanks may require specialized equipment in order to support a large volume of plant life.  During a service visit, we will ensure that all of this equipment is working properly.  CO2 systems will be checked, cylinders may be replaced if necessary, and all tubing inspected.  In addition, we will prune and trim any plants that require it, remove dead vegetation, and add fertilizer or plant food to the water.  Specialized testing for plant-specific trace elements such as Iron and Potassium is also available.


  • Reef Tank Care - Reef aquariums are arguably some of the most beautiful tanks available, but they also require the most maintenance in order to ensure that the wide variety of sensitive animal life remains healthy.  Reef systems require more specialized equipment than most other types of aquarium, including protein skimmers, media reactors, high-intensity lighting, and much more.  Palm Aquarium Services can provide our customers with the skill and experience necessary to care for your reef tank.  In addition to all basic services, we perform additional tests on the water of reef tanks, including salinity, calcium content, and alkalinity.  We also offer specialized testing for various trace elements required for coral and invertebrate health, including Iodine, Strontium, Magnesium, and others.  In addition, we offer thorough cleaning of protein skimmers, replacement of filter and reactor media, maintenance on all pumps and powerheads, and other necessary equipment maintenance.  Water dosing and coral feeding services are available, as well as coral propogation and fragging.
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