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Personal Tank - Jeff S. (Reef)

Size: 29 gallons

Type: Saltwater Reef

Fish: 2 Percula Clownfish

        1 Royal Gramma Basslet

        1 Yellow Watchman Goby

Corals: Yellow Scroll Coral

            Wall Hammer Coral

            Pulsing Xenia

            Star Polyps

            Button Polyps

            Various Zoanthids

            Various Mushrooms

Inverts: Randall's Pistol Shrimp

              Nessarius Snails

              Turbo Snails

              Electric Blue Hermit Crab


This beautiful 29 gallon nano-reef is owned by Jeff S. of Exton, PA.  Jeff is an avid aquarium enthusiast and handled most of the design work for this tank. He is meticulous in caring for this tank, and trusts only Palm Aquarium Services to keep his pride and joy healthy whenever he is away from home.  We also helped him transfer this entire reef from an old biocube into this new tank.  This aquarium is full of very healthy livestock, including the centerpiece yellow scroll coral that dominates the back of the tank, some very active clownfish, and a symbiotic goby/pistol shrimp duo.

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